Sydney New Products

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Our Sydney New Products  for our upcoming Festival from 12 – 15 October 2023

Sage Cosmetic Coaching

Offering inspiring workshops for crafting natural skincare products from scratch. Gain confidence, create delightful products, and join their passionate community.

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Kick Ice Cocktails

Kick ice cocktails are a slushy cocktail/ mocktail mix that are natural, made with freeze dried fruit with no preservatives, no artificial flavours or colours. 3 delicious flavours with 12 standard drinks per bag.

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A Good Night Sleep

Empowering women with a range of luxurious mulberry silk products for the ultimate beauty sleep. Enhance comfort, coolness, and diminish fine lines with these Vogue and Tatler magazine featured silk products.

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Ansara Intuitive Crystals

Ansara, an Australian-owned Hunter Valley company, specialises in unique luxury crystals and jewellery worldwide. Their collection promotes inner well-being, informed by mineral compositions and geographical origins for holistic healing.

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A sustainable wellness brand, provides eco-conscious yoga, self-massage, and pilates equipment. They emphasise simplicity, functionality, aesthetics, longevity, and environmental responsibility, empowering individuals to move better while preserving the Earth.

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Soul Reign

Lyle Ah Sam, a First Nations contemporary rarrk artist from Darwin, creates canvas paintings and Fine Art Giclée Prints. Based in Sydney, he promotes cultural awareness through Soul Reign’s programs.

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