Speaker and Performer Application Form

Are you an expert in Spirituality, Holistic Health, Nutrition, Wellness, Fitness or Alternative Therapies?

The MindBodySpirit festival offers a number of speaking, workshop and performing opportunities to some of the best industry leaders and influencers. We ensure that our speakers and performers have an enlightened experience with us, which in turn provides the best experience for our visitors. 

The MindBodySpirit Festival is non-judgemental and open-minded and we encourage new inspiring concepts and alternative practices. In support of the wider wellbeing community, these presenting opportunities do not currently attract a fee to the presenter or the audience.


Learn more about the different speaker spaces here.



We receive an overwhelming number of applications. As such, please provide as much evidence to support your application (YouTube, Videos or Social Media). We would like to see how you engage and interact with a live audience and if you are suitable for our festival.

While completing this application form does not guarantee a place within the programme, how well you complete the form and the information provided will influence if you are successful or not. In addition, we consider a variety of factors before placing you, such as; prior experience, feedback from previous Festivals, audience participation and engagement, topic relevance and presenter’s attitude.


Please complete the enquiry form below. You will only be contacted if you are successful 2 weeks after the deadline date.