Q – How do I get to the Festival?

A – Visit the Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane Getting there page for all public transport and parking options.

Q – What are the Festival opening hours?

A – The Melbourne Festival is open 10am – 7pm daily. The Brisbane Festival is open 9am – 6pm daily. The Sydney Festival is open daily 10am – 7pm (6pm on Sunday in October only).

Q – Is my ticket valid on each day of the Festival?

A – Yes! Your ticket is valid for a single use on each day of the Festival. I.e you can use the ticket once on the Friday, again on the Saturday and once again on the Sunday!

Q – Can I buy from the stallholders at the Festival?

A – Yes! Exhibitors will be selling their products at the Festival, usually at a special Festival price! Note: Some stalls are cash only and do not have EFTPOS facilities.

Q – Is there an ATM available at the Festival?

A – Yes, however sometimes you need to join a very long queue, so we recommend getting cash out before you arrive at the Festival.

Q – How do I pre-book a reading in the Psychic Reading Room?

A – Psychic Reading Room pre-bookings are available online 3 weeks out from the Festival. The first 2 sessions of each day are available for pre-bookings. All other sessions can be booked on arrival to the Festival. Visit the Psychic Reading Room bookings page for your city.

Q – Is there a cost to attend one of the seminars/workshops?

A – All our seminars and workshops are free to attend and seating is available on a ‘first come’ basis.

Q - Are there cloakroom facilities?

A – No, there are no cloakroom facilities available onsite.

Q - I purchased a ticket online, however I have lost/ did not recieve the ticket email - what do I do?

A – Firstly, please check your junk/spam folder as the tickets may have ended up there. If not, email [email protected] with your details to have the ticket resent.

Q - Can children attend the Festival?

A – Yes! However Children 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Children U14 do not require a ticket.

Disclaimer: The MindBodySpirit Festivals act as a platform for visitors to learn, grow and discover themselves. We are about acceptance, inclusion and tolerance; thus we welcome a diverse range of Exhibitors and Presenters, providing they act within the framework of Australian law. 

The views and opinions expressed by Presenters and Exhibitors at the MindBodySpirit Festival are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Exhibitions & Events Australia Pty Ltd. We encourage all visitors to make their own decisions as to who they connect with and draw their own opinions and conclusions based upon the information presented to them.