Brisbane New Products

See whats new for 2019 in organic health, spiritual guidance, books, accessories and more at the Brisbane Festival! Indulge yourself or share the love and gift some goodness!

Amethyst Stella Ring

Shine like the stars in our new Stella rings.

Each ring is lovingly designed with healing intentions and handmade using solid sterling silver 925. Fully adjustable from the top to avoid the pinch. Looks stunning paired with other silver rings, or on her own as a statement piece.

Soul Quartz

Stand E24

Daily Healing Cards by Inna Segal

We all need direction from time to time. With insightful messages, Daily Healing Cards work as a reminder to delve into your heart and soul to awaken the eternal wisdom that lies beneath your subconscious, so you can be your best self. With a question close to your heart, just pick a card and trust in the guidance of this special pocket deck to aid you on your path every day.

Rockpool Publishing

Stand C64

Norfolk Punch

In the year 974, monks in the English county of Norfolk mixed together more than 30 different berries, herbs and spices to brew the first batch of Norfolk Punch, who believed it was Œnature’s answer to tenseness, tiredness and lowness of spirits. Today Norfolk Punch is available for all to drink chilled to refresh or hot to relax, warm and cheer.

Rochester Ginger

Stand D29

Hanging Rose Quartz Crystal

Enjoy this beautiful one of a kind natural hanging crystal for your home or office. Provides positive energy for protection, love and healing to all that live in your home.

A Positive Life

Stand C60

Rose Gold Leather Wrap Bracelet

With this rose gold lotus flower essential oil diffuser leather wrap bracelet, you’ll have the benefit of essential oils around the clock! Simply open the locket & add a few drops of your favourite essential oil onto the pad & enjoy the benefits of essential oils all day long.

Love & Light Essence

Stand A24

Abundance Pack

Eunoia x Cedar + Stone Abundance Mist (50mL)

Eunoia Abundance Perfume Roller (10ml)

A Citrine Crystal

Eunoia Abundance Oracle Cards

Create a natural flow of abundance in your life with this Abundance Journey Pack. Raise your vibration and place the intention of abundance around you.

Eunoia Soul Rituals

Stand A16

Koshi Windchimes

This year Singbowl has added a new sound healing range to the collection. Koshi windchimes are made in France and are precision tuned to create magical healing sounds. Perfect beginning to a meditation or sound bath session and use them in the house to bring harmony. They come in four tunes based on the elements fire, earth, air and water.


Stand A48

Angel Affirmation Cards

Will help children develop a positive inner dialogue of self love.

22 beautifully illustrated laminated flash cards ( 500g ) for children ages 2+

Bend and Stretch Wellness

Stand A13

Yin Yang Bracelet

These beautifully handcrafted gemstone bracelets created with the idea of Balance, Connection and Harmony.

Keep one for you and give the other to someone meaningful in your life – A loved one, a partner, sibling or friend so that you will always be connected.


You may also wear it yourself to promote perfect balance in your energy.


Gemstones: Howlite & Tourmaline

Balance, Healing, Love, Peace


Stand D56

Walnut Exfoliating Konjac Sponge

Pure 100 % Natural Biodegradable, anti-oxidant, skin booster, re-hydrating, calming, removes dry scaly skin.

Replaced all Exfoliating scrubs in the shower, simply use the Walnut exfoliating Konjac sponges to achieve a softer hydrated and exfoliated skin.

Great for removing spray tans. Soft & gentle removing dead dry skin on the body, use in shower jump out towel dry your skin no moisturiser’s required.

Double thick body wave. Not tested on animals, 100% Vegan non toxic

Elite Natural Products

Stand B19

Rockpool New Releases

Find all the newest releases in oracle, healing & reading cards from Rockpool Publishing!

Cards by Rachelle Charman, Anna Stark, Andrés Engracia and Priestess Moon

Rockpool Publishing

Stand C64

Bewitching Butterfly Pea, Blue Tea Infusion + Unicorn Tea Infuser

An enchanting floral blend that will draw you into its magical properties. Butterfly Pea known for its benefits of enhancing luster and shine to the skin and hair. Antioxidants rich, smooth delicate taste is delicious hot or cold. A bewitching blend that changes this gorgeous blue infusion to a magnificent magenta purple with a squeeze of lemon or citrus – a pure sensual delight.

Nothing is impossible with our magical Unicorn Tea Infuser, making every tea magical.

Neo Organic Tea & Skin Solutions

Stand G24

Trouble Doll Pillowcases

Can bring comfort to children who struggle with anxiety, loneliness and worry.

Pillows come in Pink and Blue with your choice of trouble doll!

Bend and Stretch Wellness

Stand A13

Pluggable Essential Oil Diffusers

These diffusers use gentle warming to release the fragrance from essential oils and impart their aromatherapy benefits. Pluggable Diffusers are perfect for smaller spaces and above-the-counter outlets, and come in a variety of beautiful styles.

• 5 replacement pads included • 8 LED colours

Candle Warmers Australia

Stand A32

Urban Collection

Vibrant on trend designed bracelets created using some of the finest gemstones nature has to offer. We’ve taken inspiration from the earth to highlight positive energy and balance in your life. Using a combination of stones, cubic zirconias and stainless steel accompaniments, each piece is designed to tell its own story.


Stand D56


Rosalina Essential Oil

A relatively new player in the essential oil market, Rosalina is a member of the Melaleuca family and is native to Australia. It has a Lavender-Tea Tree aromatic quality that smells divine! It is wonderful to use for relaxation and is very calming.

Zea Relief

Stand B46

Mindful Living

Mindful Living draws from yogic philosophy and foundations to inspire an invitation towards bringing conscious spiritual practices in your life.

In this heartfelt and inspiring book, author Katie Manitsas shares sacred practices to cultivate a spiritual devotion and outlook into life, focused on meditation, intention setting, prayer and chanting as well as routines for honouring the energy body, working with the elements, eating food with kindness and daily rhythms to soothe the soul.

Rockpool Publishing

Stand C64

Tasmanian Blue Gum Facial Cleanser by ReGenic

A chemical free, organic facial cleanser that provides a gentle, safe and amazingly deep cleaning solution.

ReGenic Australian Organic Skincare

Stand B50

Blue Angel New Releases

Find new releases in oracle cards and meditation audio CDs!

Blue Angel Gallery

Stand B33

Dairy and Gluten Free Frozen Dessert

Cocofrio are beyond excited to welcome two new flavours to the family: Blueberry Pop and Strawberry Choc Chip!

All Cocofrio’s ice-creams contain a base of certified organic coconut Milk and Organic Rice Syrup. Other ingredients depend on the flavour of Cocofrio. Some of these ingredients include macadamia nuts, or organic raw cacao and each give the ice-cream its delicious flavour.


Stand E23

Pain Relief Cream

Zea Relief is the first product range to contain the therapeutic benefits of Australian Kunzea Oil.

Two new pain-relieving formulations were recently listed with the TGA, and these will be showcased for the first time at the 2018 MBS Festival!

Zea Relief

Stand B46

Activated Charcoal Face Mask

A gentle non-peel off masque, helps draw out blackheads & toxins and minimises the appearance of pores. Leaves the skin soft, refined and revived. Rebalances combinational skin or oily skin types. Can be used for all skin types as it has a blend of Australian quartz white clay, Bentonite & Activated Charcoal powder.

Elite Natural Products

Stand B19

Magnesium Charge Lotion (500mL)

Great heavy-duty formula for the blokes in a half litre durable pump bottle. Massage into muscles for better recovery after hard work-out. Also works well as a natural deodorant with the fresh smell and anti-oxidant power of Australian lemon-scented tea tree. Actually, the gals love it too!

Elektra Life

Stand C25

Crystal Ritual Products

Hand poured 100% soy candles with essential oils and crystals. Unique blends of essential oil roller balls with channeled crystals. One of a kind totemic sculptures and ritual crystal bowls. These items are created to support you and your spiritual journey and to inspire your manifestation and magic making.

Crystal Ritual

Stand B11

Slim Bamboo Toothbrush

These eco-friendly, biodegradable toothbrushes are made from sustainable bamboo. This sleek handle design is great for delicate hands or even suitable for children as the head of the brush is slightly smaller than the regular Bamboo Toothbrush. The bristles are made from BPA free Nylon fibres that have been enhanced with Activated Charcoal. The Activated charcoal helps to control mouth odour and prevent tooth decay.


Stand F52

The Witches Coven - Tools & Activities

After 50 years running and being apart of traditional, hereditary, village, modern, shamanic, and Egyptian covens and temples this book explains the symbolism and meanings and uses of each of the witches and tools of the priesthood of Wicca. It goes deeper into the sharing and social interaction within a Coven, not just as a group of initiates, but into a fellowship, a spiritual family, that together can learn from each other and study the many and varied ways of an ancient craft, and awaken a true spiritual awakening as a family of witches.

The Witch of Oz

Stand E08

"Shifting your Sh*t to Manifest your Dreams" Immersions

Your ultimate personal, professional and spiritual transformation and development two day retreat. Perfect for those ready to shift through the stories, thought patterns, inner clutter, emotions and experiences weighing them down to successfully manifest their dreams, visions and goals in life.

Leanne, The Barefoot Medium

Stand A20

Crystal Sun-Catchers

These beautiful crystal sun-catchers are decorated with Swarovski crystals and gemstones. Indian drop decorated with turquoise for protection. Fairy drop decorated with amethyst for calming. Dragonfly drop decorated with blue lace agate for peace. Dolphin drop decorated with lapis lazuli for healing.

Angels Love

Stand E06

Essential Oil Car Diffuser

Now you can have your favourite essential oil drifting through your car with these unique and beautiful essential oil car diffusers.

Love & Light Essence

Stand A24

Usambra in Gold

Feel the energetic effects of a trilogy of moons that tell your personal story.

The awe-inspiring pendant suspends three mini moon charms on a matching slim chain and is designed to feature three personal moments that matter to you.

Honour your memories or those of someone you love.

Moonglow Australia

Stand C11


Mooyee sends mild electrical currents through your muscles, helping to ease soreness, tension and make you feel great again.

The S1 range is small in size and is portable – it has no cords, so you can just charge and stick on the skin. This Mooyee doesn’t require bluetooth or an app, you direct it completely from the Mooyee disc.


Stand E46

Biotulin Hydrolon Loose Powder

Biotulin Hydrolon Loose Powder, is the latest addition to the Biotulin range – made famous by Duchess Kate – reported to be using Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel, the natural, needle-free alternative to injectables. Biotulin Hydrolon Powder combines the clinically proven, natural skin-smoothing and -plumping ingredients of Biotulin with a light coverage, for a smoother complexion and velvety finish.


Stand D54

The Light Language Oracle Deck

The Light Language Oracle is a unique 52-card deck and guidebook set that offers an opportunity to connect with our Spirit Guides on a multitude of levels. Designed to open the channel to communicate with your Guides and your Higher Self, the Light Language Oracle is healing in its essence; spoken or written, the words come from the heart-space. The Light Language Oracle is designed to allow the subconscious mind to connect with the written Codes so that we may heal on deep cellular and spiritual levels.  This fresh new perspective, channelled by an Indigo soul, will take you on a journey supported by a multicultural and multi-dimensional assembly of Guides. So, with the help of these cards, connect with Light Beings, animals, goddesses and mermaids alike, so that you – with their help – can communicate with your soul’s personal Light Language. The artwork, based on Chloe Metcalf’s original channelled drawings, were transformed by the talented digital artist, Lilly Marie Mills.

Animal Dreaming Publishing

Stand C19

Matte Lips Volumizer

An innovative matte liquid lip formula containing volumizing & longwear ingredients that boosts lip volume and stays on after 3 meals. The super comfortable creamy texture is non-drying and non-flaky, so you don’t need to touch up during the day, making you selfie ready at all times.

Cherry Blooms

Stand C46

sTEAmpunk Tea Leaf Fortune Telling Cards

Combining the traditional Lenormand ‘reading card’ system and the ancient art of tea leaf fortune-telling with the science fiction inspired STEAMPUNK theme, a design style that unites historical elements and antediluvian mechanical attributes that are inspired by futuristic concepts, the 45 bronze gilt-edged STEAMPUNK Tea Leaf Fortune Telling Cards are totally unique in every way. Tea leaf reading is one of the most ancient forms of symbolic divination. Having traditionally read tea leaves for many years, Karin Dalton-Smith introduces an original way of offering tea leaf readings without the need for tea cups or tea leaves. Designed to open and bring forth your intuition so that it may flow freely as if pouring a cup of tea, the STEAMPUNK Tea Leaf Fortune Telling Cards offer the chance to practice the ancient art of tea leaf reading, with a 21st century twist.

Animal Dreaming Publishing 

Stand C19

Beauty Organizer

Love makeup but not the mess and clutter (especially when travelling)?

Featuring 16 separate compartments, this beauty organiser can hold 80+ products, keeping your beauty products safe, secure and organised. It couldn’t be easier.

Cherry Blooms

Stand C46

Selenite Healing Wands

Hand made healing wands with various crystals & stones designed to heal & protect. Each wand is made differently to the next so no 2 are ever the same. These beautiful wands are designed to resonate with each person individually.

Gypsy Love Psychic Readings

Stand A35

Vibrational Gemstone Jewellery

A collection based on Quantum Physics. Kate King Jewellery is dedicated to empowering people to understand their vibrational signature so they can make conscious decisions on the gemstones they choose to wear. When we are in balance and our vibration is singing we feel joy, when we feel joy, we transfer that joy to all we meet.

Moonlight and Nirvana Mystic necklaces pictured.

Kate King Jewellery

Stand D22

Natural Remedy Tonic for Memory & Concentration

For memory, mental clarity and brain support Rochester Ginger has combined 4 of the leading natural herbs known to improve aspects of cognitive functioning involving memory, learning, concentration and focus into an easy to consume, liquid tonic with no added sugar. Taste the goodness of premium nutraceutical tonic containing Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs including Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, Brahmi and Green Tea, blended with aromatic flavours of Chrysanthemums & Blueberries – to make your daily cup of good brain health.

Rochester Ginger

Stand D29

Jute Dry Face Brush

Finally, a plant bristle brush specially designed for Dry Brushing the face. Achieve soft glowing skin on your face every day by dry brushing with this beautifully soft plant bristle brush, made of Jute bristle, specially designed for delicate skin.


Stand F52