leguano Australia

leguano is a German barefoot shoe brand which is still new to Australia. leguanos train and strengthen your feet, reactivate muscles and connective tissue and improve muscle coordination. Their purpose is to help your feet remain self-supportive rather than reliant on orthotics or shoes with maximal arch support.
All leguanos are hand-made in Germany under fair and equal employment arrangements. They are machine-washable, fully recyclable and vegan friendly. And on top of it all they are amazingly comfortable…
Whether you are suffering from conditions like plantar fasciitis, bunions, flat feet or pronation, or whether you simply want to walk and move naturally - we strongly recommend you to try and feel our leguanos for yourself. The number of customers who report betterment of their condition after wearing leguanos is constantly increasing, and customer satisfaction rates have been very high. Come and try your own pair at our stall at the MBS Brisbane!

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