Elektra Magnesium

Elektra Magnesium ® is made in Australia and offers the largest range of magnesium body care products in the world, including magnesium oil, flakes, lotion and cream. Transdermal magnesium delivers more magnesium and faster than tablets and powders, which are hard to digest. Made with natural (chem-free) ingredients, Elektra Magnesium products moisturise and soften skin, smell great and are easily absorbed into the epidermis. Use Elektra Magnesium Cream in massage for rapid muscle relaxation, pain relief, as anti-inflammatory, anti-aging skin care, as well as for itch, rashes, eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis, after-sun skin recovery, and/or as underarm deodorant. It can also be used on children and pregnant women to alleviate magnesium deficiency symptoms.

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250g Magnesium Chloride (food grade) + 180mL Magnesium Oil Spritz + choice of 100g Magnesium Cream OR 100mL Magnesium Charge Lotion

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