It’s time to get creative! At the Sydney MindBodySpirit Festival, we are excited to offer a range of workshops suitable for all ages and skill levels. Join our amazing hosts in pendulum dowsing, intention candle workshops, crystal crafting, and more!


All materials are provided, and each workshop costs between $20 – $40 each.


Whether you’re a total beginner or a born creative – get hands-on at the MindBodySpirit Festival and show off your creations to your family and friends!


Each of our workshops will be held in the Workshop Room at the Festival.



Sydney Workshops

Please be reminded that our Workshops are a paid experience. The entry tickets into our Festival are free, and if you wish to participate in a Workshop, you can simply purchase an add-on through our ticketing page.

Pendulum workshop, Awaken your intuition

With Eleni (Bespoke & Co. Candles)

Pendulum dowsing is an ancient technique that I personally use, love and teach! The power of being able to tap into your intuition and manifest your reality should be a huge priority for you. After applying the tools that you will learn in my workshop, you will no longer need to search for answers outside of yourself, as you will be in control. Pendulum dowsing is the most common divinatory art that moves in different directions in response to questions. Through pendulum dowsing, you can ask the divine power to answer your questions regarding relationships, careers, and many more.

Ayurvedic Essential Oil Making

With Holy Sanity

In this workshop, attendees will have made three 15ml custom blended Ayurvedic essential oils to take home. They will also get an introduction to Ayurveda, learn about the ancient Indian system of medicine and the role of essential oils in them.

Essential Oil Blends  for Animals Other Than Human

With DoTerra

There is so much conflicting information about essential oils and pets! How can we know we are being safe?

As a Veterinarian, Kerry O’Neill loves how much support we can provide our “animals other than human” with nature’s pharmacy. In this workshop  will discuss the basics of using essential oils with pets and of blending. We will apply this to making our own take home blends to support the anxious (roller) and also the itchy (spray) so you can feel safe using them at home.  While this is generally for 4 legged furry friends we can adjust the DIY for the scaly or the feathered as well.

The WIKAN Way: A Ritual - Intention Candle Workshop

With WIKAN Designs

In our specialised workshop, you will learn the basics of how to conduct a ritual to bring about energetic change. We will share the important aspects needed in a ritual to encourage energy shifts – an important one being: intention.
As part of our 1 hour workshop, you will be dressing (decorating) your very own WIKAN candle. We will teach you how, based on your intention. You get to keep your candle, so that you can complete your ritual at home, in your own time, place and space; it’s our gift to you.
Join Rebekah, the creator of WIKAN Designs, as she takes you on this journey back to you.

Floral Skincare Workshop

With Sage Cosmetic

Join Polly from Sage Cosmetic Coaching for a natural skincare workshop that celebrates florals. 

If you love the aromas of rose, neroli and jasmine then this is the session for you! In this hands-on workshop, you will learn about the benefits of key floral essential oils and how they support your complexion. 

You will make a gently detoxifying clay mask that will soften and smooth your skin, plus a nourishing botanical body oil with your choice of decorative petals. 
You will also receive a detailed booklet with lots of information to help you feel confident when making your products again and again. 
All ingredients included in these formulations are natural and plant-derived. 

Suncatchers by Sharna

With Essen's Gem

Essen’s Gem has been making their own jewellery and suncatchers since the start of their business in 2017.

In this class, Sharna will demonstrate and show you how to create a beautiful gemstones and crystal suncatcher of your own creation to be able to take home and display with pride.

Workshop timetable for 2023

*Timetable subject to change.