TALITHA MARIE - Psychic, Medium, Tarot Reader & Mentor

My name is Talitha Marie, I’m a Psychic, Evidential Medium, Tarot Reader, Author & Mentor.
Supporting others on their journey home, back to themselves, into their personal power is a deep honour.
Within all of us, resides an innate wisdom & I am passionate about guiding people to connect deeply into this place & living from an open state of trust.
We all deserve to walk our path connected, empowered & present to the magic within each & every one us.

I offer Private Sessions, Workshops, Mentorships & am available for Private & Corporate Events.

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Uncover the secrets, symbology and ancient wisdom of The Tarot, as we embark upon an incredible journey of self discovery, psychic development, empowerment & personal growth in this powerful Training, without the fluff & spiritual, new age wankery!

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  • Must be booked and paid for by midnite on 11/12/23
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