Sister Sensory Pty Ltd

Being a large online store of Educational and Sensory Products servicing Australasia, we are able to cater to a wider range of audience, with a motive to bring about a change to the way children and adults with special needs learn the ways of life.
We are a family owned Australian Business that has been helping families since 2016.
We’re the one stop sensory shop for those looking for sensory toys.
We strive to stock a variety of different toys, sensory tools and educational products to offer something for every child, providing new challenges and stimulating new experiences. Sister Sensory's range is full of Sensory Products and Toys, Educational Games & Puzzles, Support Aides, Oral & Chew Items, Educational & Therapy Books, Fidget and Tactile Products, Weighted Items, Timers, Visual Aids , Classroom Resources, Wellbeing Resources ,Aromatherapy, Fine and Gross Motor Products , Writing Solutions and many more items . We are fully NDIS registered.

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