Simply Lentils was started to address the lack of pulses(lentils)-based products in the Australian market.
Manjula Mishra, a chef with Indian heritage, saw the potential for pulses as a source of protein, but knew they could be difficult to prepare. To solve this problem, the company created a range of "Just Add Water and Cook" meal premixes inspired by traditional Indian recipes and using Australian grown pulses and lentils.
Our product range
1. LENcakes - Savoury pancake and Pizza base premix
A blend of prebiotic green mung bean flour with spices to make savoury pancakes for a healthy protein breakfast or as a pizza base.
2. LENbites - Nugget and Burger patty premix
A blend of ground pulses with aromatic spices to make crunchy nuggets or burger patties.
3. Yogi Bowl - Lentil Risotto style meal premix
A blend of rice and pulses with a medley of digestive spices to make a risotto-style dish that's gentle on the stomach and nourishing for the body

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  • Includes 1x240g Yogi Bowl, 1x240g LENcakes, 1x240g LENbites