REVIVE Bring Life Back to Life

We are a health clinic based in Melbourne, specializing in the art of detoxification and tissue regeneration. We are the purest form of naturopathy, using nature and all it has to offer to heal the body. Diet and medicinal herbs are our fundamental tools, in addition to extensive knowledge of the human body.
When the body is brought back to a state of alkalinity and harmony, the body will heal itself. To believe is to try for yourself. Come by and say hello to Justin, Mary, and Chris to learn more about health and the human body and what it takes to understand what causes 'Dis-ease'. With Justin's expertise as a detoxification specialist and Mary and Chris' own experiences, their knowledge is worth every minute.
Knowledge is power and you will be empowered once you embark with them on this healing journey.
At REVIVE, we bring life back to YOUR life!

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