Mara Blak Hidden Gems

Mara Blak works in collaboration with artisans and jewellery makers in locations including Europe, Mexico, Asia, India, United States and Australia, specializing in the production of exquisite handmade and beautifully handcrafted jewellery.

Born of the desire to give women an opportunity to express themselves, Mara Blak is dedicated to quality, offering classic, contemporary and unique styles which give every woman the opportunity to show who she truly is. Like fashion, and like you as an individual, who we are evolves over time to celebrate the quintessential woman who lives by her own rules and inspires others with her distinctive style.

Mara Blak’s classic and boho couture-inspired jewellery collections represent the essence of the modern woman while maintaining a timeless allure. Our uncompromising devotion to style and commitment to quality and affordability allow every woman to be who she wants to be. Sophisticated siren, the playful coquette or feisty femme, there is something for everyone at Mara Blak.

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