Made By Missie

Made By Missie was created 3 years ago as a dream and a vision - something no one had ever done before something original, just like me. Something "out of the box" why should we all be the same and dress the same act the same? Where is the individually in that? So I decided the brighter, the crazier the better. Why blend into the crowd when you can stand out and be yourself? Then a thought came to me why don't I give the rest of the world the ability to feel the same as I do when I wear a pair of Made By Missie overalls. Depending on the day is depending what creations come to mind, some days they are more subtle and some days they are over the top. That is the best thing about being creative and allowing the passion of life to flow from my mind to the sewing needle. When you you love your job it shows in the end product.

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