Jordie Janes Psychic Medium

Jordie is a passionate and caring Medium who loves connecting with your loved ones and providing you with evidence that they are not to far away. She believes that we all can connect with our loved ones on the other side, all we have to do is ask for signs or symbol that relate to you and your loved one.

Jordie’s psychic readings she blends with your energy to give you clarity on whats going on in every aspect of your life. Her Readings are in depth with an understanding that all Psychic readings are based on free will. As Jordie blends she gives concise information in all areas of life ie. Work, relationships, self care(health), Abundance(finance) and family that meet the greatest need of the client.

One thing that she really enjoys is working for the MindBodySpirit Festival that goes to Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. Jordie has been in the Psychic Room since 2015.

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