Eynesbury House of Couture

While our excessively elegant boutique still showcases our exquisite array of Eynesbury bridal, red carpet and baby gowns, our jewellery and accessories collection has become a major part of Eynesbury House of Couture over the last 10 years.

In 2009 Eynesbury House of Couture, in Kingswood SA, expanded into formal jewellery designs to complete our formal collections. We then swiftly branched into our semi formal and rose gold collections and the Eynesbury Jewellery brand was created in its own right.

Over the last ten years, we have successfully built a quality niche between fashion and fine jewellery that makes you feel modern and lavish, without the excess.

Today, we still stock and wholesale our original signature collection by demand while adding more designs every month. We also strive to make different colours for our loyal and new clientele. Such as the much loved Two Tier Crystal Drop and Edessa Earrings.

We aim to cater to teens and older, to look and feel your best when stepping out. Our style is timeless contemporary with a twist of unusual, just like me. I don’t follow fashion. I like what I like and I design what I like. However, as a people pleaser, I love to hear suggestions from y’all too.

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