ELM Group was built upon the idea of assisting people on improving their lifestyle, health and wellness, and are looking to achieve more out of life.

•Personal Training
•Personalised Nutrition Plan
•Digital Fitness Programs
•Gym Memberships to any •ELM STUDIO access across Melbourne
•FULL Access to our Coaching APP

Our goal is to create a personalised health & fitness program while offering a private training space with flexibility to suit our clients' lifestyles best. Become a member and train in our gyms or we can built you a Gym in your own Homes / Offices / even Apartment buildings!

At ELM Stays, we're revolutionizing the way you explore the world by offering innovative stays and immersive experiences like never before. Healthy on a holiday is the new lifestyle, and we're here to provide you with a seamless experience that blends wellness, comfort, and exploration. Say goodbye to mundane hotel rooms and hello to the extraordinary holiday stays.

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