Ebb & Flow Vibrational Therapies

Ebb & Flow Vibrational Therapies offers a range of energy medicine modalities including biofield tuning, Biomat therapy, sound healing, reiki, pellowah and angelic guidance.

Vibrational Therapies can help to recognise & shift emotional trauma, blockages & a sense of "stuckness", enhance awareness over patterns like self-limiting beliefs & how to make changes, can assist in finding & speaking your truth and result in improved confidence, sense of empowerment, joy & peace.
We are all energy and our natural state is to live in flow.

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Special - Free 20 minute Biofield Tuning Experience

Free 20 minute Biofield Tuning Experience for MBS patrons only

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  • limited to 1 per person

Special - Special VIP Offers for MBS Patrons

Patrons of MBS VIP special: $25 off first session (normally $125, just $100) or $75 of 3 sessions treatment package (normally $375, just $300).

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  • Must be redeemed by 30th of April 2024. Applies to bookings made after the 12/11/2023. Voucher available from teh Ebb & Flow Stand at the MBS Festival