Diamond Light Healing Centre


Offers you a life changing 'Day of Transformation', reset your life retreat, in the gorgeous Yarra Valley.

With Jennie's 20 years of knowledge and wisdom in the field of energy healing, you get to reassess areas of your life, learn tips and tools to rise above life, and how to manifest what you desire, coming away with new perceptions, dreams and enthusiasm.

Particularly suits busy people and carers with a full day to concentrate on just you!

Staying over night allows your healing to assimilate with ease and grace in the beautiful surroundings of Warburton, and relish in a rose salts deep bath to die for.

Also offering - A book to assist people experiencing Stress, Anxiety and Depression, - "Rise Above Life' contains fantastic tools to change your life around.

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Special - Win a transformational book

Win my latest book - 'Rise Above Life' - Transform Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

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