Aileen Hope Psychic Medium

Aileen Hope is a 3rd generation Psychic Medium who lives in Sydney and has spent many years perfecting her gifts using sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.

Aileen Hope communicates with spirit and spirit guides and understands how important it is to connect you to your past loved ones enabling you to move forward whether it be with love, relationships, work, home, family or grief.

Aileen Hope conducts her psychic readings with empathy, compassion and accuracy making them very informative.

Aileen Hope enjoys working with healing energy including Reiki, Psychometry (objects, jewellery, photo and energy readings) and using Oracle & Angel cards during her readings.

You can find Aileen Hope at Stand C09 or contact Aileen Hope Psychic Medium on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok or by mobile 0424 681 863.

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