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Standard Reading – 25 minutes: $55 inc. GST

Extended Reading – 50 minutes: $110 inc. GST (You must select 2 x consecutive time-slots)

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MBS Festival - Sydney October 2023. Online pre-bookings will close 9am 10/10/2023.

Julie (Sydney)

Available on Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Channelling, Tarot


From a young age, Julie was able to feel and sense other people's emotions and energies, and knew there was more to life than what we can see. During your session, she tunes in to what the underlying core issues in your life are by using all of her "Clairs", Channelling, Tarot and Oracle cards, so you can resolve them on a more permanent basis. Julie's approach is based on self-love, kindness, and compassion, and she believes we all have the power to create the life we want, as no destiny is set in stone. She is also a Reiki practitioner, massage therapist, TFT and crystal healing practitioner.

Kate (Sydney)

Available on Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

Clairvoyance, Tarot, Clairsentience, Clairaudience


Having picked up her first Tarot deck at the age of 15, Kate's journey began to unfold from there and she has experienced visions for as long as she can remember. Often in your reading, Kate will see, hear, smell and taste sensations relating to your life, your path and your state of health. After reading for thousands of clients, Kate still has a passion for helping people in a fun and caring way. She has been reading professionally for over 20 years.

Shelley (Shepparton)

Available on Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Oracle Cards


Shelley has been a medium for as long as she can remember, and has been reading cards and utilising her clairvoyance for over 20 years. Most of her psychic impressions come from mental images (Clairvoyance) and feelings (Clairsentience). She uses a variety of decks of cards, and asks the client to choose 2 decks, and this will usually focus on the present and the following 6 months. Generally Shelley also gets messages throughout the reading from passed family members or friends.

Linda (Adelaide)

Available on Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Tarot, Psychometry, Past Lives


During your reading, Linda uses the Tarot in a clear cut spread as a base and combines this with her intuition, Clairvoyance and communication with your guides to provide you with clear answers and guidance. Since the late 1970's, she has dedicated her life to being of service as a lightworker and since then she has developed her reading and healing skills by studying an extensive range of modalities. Linda feels it is a divine privilege to have worked with so many people over the years and see the healing shift that can occur as people are guided on their questions and catalysed to their highest potential.

Edith (Mornington Peninsula)

Available on Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

Clairvoyance, Tarot, Channelling


To start your reading, Edith tunes into her guides to bring in messages and uses the Tarot as well to open doors to the psyche. Through her Clairaudience (hearing messages) and Clairvoyance (seeing pictures in her minds eye), she can give you clarity on your path. She also receives messages from spirits of people who have passed on. Edith has known she has had this ability all her life and started to actively do this work around 20 years ago through an experience of a spirit energy in her home.

Deb (Blue Mountains)

Available on Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

Clairaudience, Palmistry, Tarot, Numerology


Deb has been clairvoyant and able to read palms since she was a child. She reads the Tarot, palms and Numerology from an instinctual/feeling place, beyond the mind. She gives you a choice of a number of Tarot decks to help focus the reading on any questions or particular areas of life you wish to cover. Deb considers it a profound honour to do readings and she loves to help her clients and students access their own guidance, wisdom and intuition. She has been reading professionally for over 30 years and is currently developing her own Tarot deck. Deb also teaches workshops and classes in Palmistry, Tarot and Yoga.

Matthew (Byron Bay)

Available on Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Tarot


Matthew's Life Readings are a blend of hearing (Clairaudience), seeing (Clairvoyance), and feeling (Clairsentience) Spirit, combined with Intuitive Astrology & Numerology. Your energy field is like a library to him and by accessing your birthdate and listening to the vibration of your voice, this gives Matthew a clear picture of where you are at in this moment. During your reading, you'll look at any past influences that are affecting your current situation, where you find yourself here and now, and what the next 12 months has in store for you. Matthew has been reading and healing for over 20 years.

Sue (Central Coast)

Available on Fri, Sat, Sun

Clairsentience, Tarot


Sue first became aware of her psychic abilities at the age of 13 when she found herself in deep conversation with her deceased grandmother. Then in 1985 she joined her local Spiritual Church in England and assisted in spirit rescue, house cleansings and distant healings. During your reading, Sue feels the energy of your physical body and chakras and listens to Spirit to see, feel, and hear words, colours, even smells to help you with issues in your present life, and she also has various Tarot decks you can choose from. Sue still regularly travels between the UK and Australia sharing her psychic gift and has been practicing for over 30 years.

Brita (Melbourne)

Available on Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

Clairvoyance, Tarot, Auras


Brita's Mythic Tarot deck has been with her for more than twenty years and she believes we all have free will so the future is in our hands. She starts with a spiritual overview, a general reading for the next 12 months, and then separate layouts for work, relationships, health and anything else. The information may come to her via mental images, words, emotions, physical sensations, and passed loved ones may come in with a message. The Tarot provides a visual focus to give more information, timing and clarity. Brita has worked as a psychic reader since 1997 and is also an artist and novelist.

Rosemary (Sydney)

Available on Fri, Sat, Sun

Clairvoyance, Palmistry, Tarot, Numerology


Rosemary comes from a large Irish family where paranormal activity was considered the norm. Using a combination of Palmistry, Tarot and Numerology, she taps into the Universal energy to find out its plan for your happiness in relationships, life direction, emotional stability and decision-making. Rosemary is committed to helping and encouraging others to develop their psychic gifts through her psychic circles, workshops on a variety of subjects including paranormal photography, and her two books on Dreams, and she has been reading professionally for over 25 years.

Delta (Queensland)

Available on Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

Clairvoyance, Tarot, Mediumship


Delta found out she had the gift of Mediumship at the age of 13 after the suicide of a family member. Her readings are based on her clients' cycles and patterns of past experiences, in this lifetime and beyond. Cards are used during all of her reading styles and channeled messages come to her throughout the whole session. With a background in community work liasing with youths with challenging behaviours, domestic violence victims, and mental health patients, she has a huge heart full of compassion and kindness.

Cath (ACT)

Available on Fri, Sat, Sun

Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Tarot


Having had spirit contact as a child, Mediumship has always been a part of Cath's life. In her readings, she passes on messages from spirit that come through intuitively as symbols, words, sounds or smells, but mostly it's a feeling or a knowing. And the Tarot is used to acknowledge challenges and to bring clarity and solutions. With an underlying principle of helping others, her philosophy is simple – Hope, Healing and Happiness. Cath has been professionally practicing for over 10 years and is also the President and face of the Spirituality Collective of Canberra.

Janelle R. (Brisbane)

Available on Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

Mediumship, Oracle Cards

Janelle R.

Janelle is an authentic Psychic Medium who is passionate about her work with a focus of healing messages for her clients. Her readings include evidence of loved ones, memories and stories that your Spirit people like to share and what they may like you to know now. Janelle is open to questions during your reading to ensure you get the most of your session. She may use oracle cards as a tool for which she channels messages on the psychic realm. She loves to work with sensitive people who benefit from a compassionate reading as she is an understanding Empath.

Joan (Murwillumbah)

Available on Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

Palmistry, Tarot, Clairvoyance


Joan uses a combination of Palmistry, Tarot and her Clairvoyant abilities to assist you in all areas of life including life-path, career, health, past lives and spiritual guidance. Joan also receives communications from your guides and passed loved ones. Apart from reading professionally for over 30 years, Joan has taught Psychic and Spiritual Development classes for many years and is author of the book, "The Truth Seeker".

Sarah F (Shellharbour)

Available on Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Clairaudience, Tarot, Oracle Cards

Sarah F

Sarah was born into this kind of work and has been reading for people for her entire adult life. She brings you relevant messages that come directly from the spiritual world, including passed loved ones, Angels, guides and ancestors, in combination with all of her Clairs. Sarah also uses Tarot and Oracle cards to focus in on any specific questions you may have, often confirming what was picked up earlier. Sarah is known as The Mermaid Medium and is a passionate lover of pursuing our wildest dreams. She is also a Steiner school teacher, mum of five, and has been practicing for over 20 years.

Susan (Sydney)

Available on Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Channelled Name Readings, Clairaudience


Susan has always seen Angels since a young age, though it wasn't until 2011 when she started to read professionally for others. Your reading begins with your name being written down and from this she sees energy, colours, and visions, with each letter having it's own message. The information comes through all her clair-senses about your current life, what is coming up in the future, spirit guides, sometimes past lives or passed loved ones, it depends on the reading. Susan can also do readings from photographs or readings on pets.

Rebekah (Sydney)

Available on Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

Clairvoyance, Tarot, Mediumship, Oracle Cards


Being naturally empathic from childhood, Rebekah was aware of Angels, spirit guides and those that had passed over from an early age. In her readings, she works with her Family of Light, your Archangels, Angels, guides and loved ones that have passed over to channel messages of love and healing. Her passion is to help people to empower themselves and she works with you in a compassionate way to bring through clear and accurate guidance. Rebekah has been in the industry for 12 years and regularly holds psychic development and Shamanic healing workshops. She is also a meditation teacher and a Doula.

Leon (Blue Mountains)

Available on Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

Intuitive Oracle Card Readings


Having left secondary teaching in 2012 after 33 years, Leon now walks the path of inspiring others to discover and utilize their own talents and gifts. With compassion, empathy and integrity, he uses a variable number of cards from a variety of Oracle Card decks representing the past, present and possible future. Along with his Clairsentience, intuitive and NLP skills, he helps bring about a greater understanding of your life's issues and challenges plus outlines a possible course of action to take after the reading. Leon is also a qualified Life Coach and Mentor, Angel Intuitive and Master NLP and Reiki Level 1 and 2 Practitioner.

Yvonne (Sydney)

Available on Fri, Sat, Sun

Clairvoyance, Tarot, Angel Readings, Past Lives


Yvonne's passion is to assist people to empower themselves and she has been doing that through her readings, healing sessions, courses, workshops and meditation groups for over 12 years. She works with the clients' Angels and Guides as well as her own and uses John Holland's Psychic Tarot deck and the pendulum to confirm messages. Past lives are accessed through clairvoyance and Yvonne may also work with the Australian Bush Flower Essence cards and quick visualisation meditations to further the healing that occurs in her readings.

Mark (Blue Mountains)

Available on Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

Mediumship, Channelling, Psychic Dev’t


Mark’s development has been mostly through his own life experiences and two significant psychic development circles where the emphasis was on being an open channel. He serves the Divine Consciousness, and therefore yours, by channelling whatever comes through for you on a number of levels including visually, verbally, or someone in Spirit with a message. He does this with compassion and a deep natural empathy of someone who is also on his own healing and enlightening journey. Mark has been a practicing and continually developing psychic for 30 years and he has also facilitated Psychic Development and Grief Healing Circles.

Leanne (Sydney)

Available on Sat, Sun

Mediumship, Tarot, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience


The majority of Leanne's journey has been as medium who trained to demonstrate mediumship on stage, learning in a home circle weekly for eight years. Leanne provides evidential Mediumship by tuning in to your passed loved ones to give you information so you can feel the connection with them in Spirit is still there. The Tarot are used for questions about your life, career, or love. Leanne has been practising for over 10 years, has a strong interest in wellbeing and natural living, and also worked for many years as a mentor for high school children.

Amanda (Broome)

Available on Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

Mediumship, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience


With a long history of psychics and mediums in her family, Amanda is an evidential Medium who connects with your passed family and loved ones, bringing evidence of their life and personality, as well as messages of love and wisdom. As a psychic, she uses her Clairvoyance and Clairsentience to see, feel, and have a sense of knowing about you and your situation. With a strong interest in wholistic and alternative health, she is also a health intuitive. Amanda has a passion for helping her fellow humans and has been doing readings for over 10 years.

Natasha (Sydney)

Available on Sat, Sun

Clairvoyance, Tarot, Clairsentience


From a young age, Natasha knew that reading the Tarot would be her craft, loving all of the symbology, archetypes and psychology it holds. She sees the Tarot as a beautiful tool to bring what is sitting in your subconscious mind up to the conscious mind, and her spreads vary from person to person. Natasha brings her gifts of openness, curiosity, and compassion, and with the help of her guides, she reads what is happening now and how it will impact your future. She also has a wealth of knowledge in crystals, astrology, and energy healing, as well as having training in counselling and crisis support.

Sarita (Sydney)

Available on Sat, Sun

Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Tarot, Angel Cards


Sarita had her first psychic vision at the age of 13, and then experienced numerous near-death experiences after the birth of her triplets, as well as losing most of her vision. In your reading, she gets guidance from your angels and translates it into plain English, while the cards are laid out like a road map to show solutions to your challenges. As a self-confessed 'positivity addict', her aim is to give her clients a positive outcome to the reading. Sarita has been offering spiritual readings and healings for over 25 years, is the author of Love Your Pain, and can speak Punjabi or Hindi if required.

Hermine (Sydney)

Available on Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Channelling, Auras


Seeing Guides, Auras and hearing "things" were a big part of Hermine's childhood and she still continues a daily routine of education, knowledge and practice, having learnt from numerous esteemed international mediums and animal communicators. By focusing on the living, and working with her Guides and yours, she promotes being proactive in your own spiritual independence, and is passionate about helping people to achieve their soul purpose. Questions about your pets can also be answered (photo required), and she also speaks French if required.

Sarah N (Brisbane)

Available on Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Psychometry

Sarah N

Sarah is a second generation medium and healer who began assisting in healings, meditations and trance work when she was 13. She uses telepathic mediumship to connect with guides and loved ones who have passed over to gain insights into any areas of concern in your life. Working initially with her own guides, she is also often given pictures and knowledge of a past life which may be influencing a current situation. Sarah is Minister and Celebrant at the spiritualist church in Upper Coomera and has been practicing as a medium, reader and healer for 35 years.

Kerrie (Gold Coast)

Available on Thu, Fri, Sun

Clairvoyance, Palmistry, Past Lives, Angel Cards, Guide Drawing


Kerrie is a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Medium and medical intuitive. She used to teach Palmistry at TAFE so your reading starts with that, covering your gifts and abilities, and how they can enhance your life. Then she moves onto her Angel and Guide cards to reveal future information supporting you in love and relationships. With Mediumship, a passed loved one or friend may come through with a message to help and she also does a simple Guide drawing for you to know about your Guide. Kerrie has over 30 years experience as a psychic reader and healer, and is also a Hypnotherapist and an author.

Helen (Adelaide)

Available on Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

Clairvoyance, Tarot, Psychometry


Helen describes herself as a Seer, incorporating the abilities of a Psychic, a Medium and all the "Clairs" in her readings, depending on how Spirit chooses to work with her. She calls in her client's angels, guides, teachers and loved ones to work with and receive information Spirit feels is what they need at that moment. Over the years Helen has come to learn Spirit is always right, they remember everything that we may not, and are aware of your life challenges. She uses The Legacy of the Divine tarot deck and has over 30 years experience in this field.

Vincenza V. (Sydney)

Available on Sat, Sun

Mediumship, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience

Vincenza V.

Vincenza's journey as a Medium and psychic reader with a love for healing others began in 1995 at the Enmore Spiritualist Church where she discovered the overhead reading technique that she uses. This connects her spirit guidance to your aura to connect with your passed loved ones and receive messages about your future. Her Clairsentience feels the messages first, and then all her other psychic senses come in too. Being a healer as well, she also uses this technique to receive any messages around health and emotional concerns. Vincenza has been doing psychic readings for over 20 years, and can also read in Italian if required.

Kasey (Byron Bay)

Available on Fri, Sat, Sun

Mediumship, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Tarot


Kasey is a 3rd generation psychic medium, and from the age of 5, her grandmother started teaching her the Tarot and all things metaphysical and paranormal. In your reading, Kasey tunes in to see, sense and feel spirit and the messages from your guides, passed loved ones and even pets. Past lives can sometimes come through the reading also. Kasey is a very grounded psychic who works straight from the heart and sees this work as her calling and passion. She loves to make a difference in people's lives, especially those suffering from grief and loss.

Maree (Sydney)

Available on Sat, Sun

Clairsentience, Tarot, Numerology


Since she was a young girl, Maree has always had a love of the Tarot, Numerology and Astrology. In your reading, your birthdate is how she picks up on your energy to make a connection and then the Tarot is used for further clarification and insights. She can also do a 9-card spread with the Angel cards if preferred. Maree enjoys empowering people with knowledge and healing so they can be the best version of themselves and she has been reading for over 10 years.

Jordie (Melbourne)

Available on Fri, Sat, Sun

Mediumship, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Oracle Cards


Jordie is a passionate and caring Medium who loves connecting with your loved ones and providing you with evidence that they are not too far away. With Jordie's psychic readings she connects with your energy to give you clarity in what's going on around you. The Tarot or Oracle cards may be used at the end of the reading to confirm and clarify what has come up in the reading. Jordie is always continuing to hone her Mediumship and Psychic skills and has trained with Lisa Williams, Lyn Probert, and Tony Stockwell.

Elizabeth (Gold Coast)

Available on Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

Clairvoyance, Tarot, Clairsentience


The Tarot cards are one of Elizabeth's specialties and she can also read your palms, pass on messages from passed loved ones, do psychometry (reading from photos or jewellery), or Angel Cards. She's known as a bit of a "jill of all trades". Elizabeth has been reading professionally for over 20 years and has also taught workshops in Tarot, Palmistry, Psychic Development, Meditation, Dreams, Angels, and Reiki.

Bianca (Sydney)

Available on Sat, Sun

Clairvoyance, Tarot, Psychometry, Mediumship


Bianca has always had an intuitive ability though it was supressed for many years. In your reading, she uses her guides including her grandmother to receive impressions, names, numbers, and other images. She can do your session with mediumship, or Tarot, or both as a split reading.

Candice (Sydney)

Available on Sat, Sun

Mediumship, Psychometry, Numerology, Tarot


As a 3rd generation psychic, Candice has always been engaging and learning about the spirit world. She can see, feel, and hear spirits around her, and communicating through them is her passion and focus. Her vision is to empower you to navigate positively through your lifepath by using her skills in Mediumship, Psychometry, Numerology, and Tarot. Being an empath and naturally gifted as a healer, Candice approaches all her readings with compassion, care, and love, and she has been reading professionally for over 10 years.