Sound Bath Sessions

EXCLUSIVE: Sydney Sound Baths

Exclusive to our Sydney Festival, experience the magic of sound in our immersive Sound Bath Sessions. Nestled underneath a Native-American Tipi, let the team from Singbowl guide you through a 10 minute transformative experience of sound…



Let the mesmerising sound of gongs and singing bowls take you on a journey through time and space.

Allow the gentle sound of Koshi and Zaphir windchimes settle your emotions and put you at ease.

Allow the deep and ancient sound of Didgeridoo and Native-American drums connect you to the land.

Join Anup, Kirt and Daei in this enchanting, soul-touching sound bath, exclusively at the Sydney MindBodySpirit Festival!


Sessions run for 10 minutes daily. Cost of entry $10 per person (cash and card payment accepted). No pre-bookings required.


Keep checking back in 2021 to get ticketing information for our next Sydney MindBodySpirit Festival in May!