Tarot Beginners Masterclass


“Finding The High Road To Tarot Wisdom”


Ever wondered what it would be like to read the Tarot cards with aplomb? Well, here’s a remarkable pathway to developing that skill.


If you read for yourself, you open up to messages from your spirit guides about how your life is progressing. Also, if a specific problem or opportunity arises, you can give yourself a nice little reading on how to wisely handle it. Of course, there is also the option of doing readings for other people, helping them by providing spiritual guidance.


Learn, from the safety and comfort of your home, how to do a reading from scratch, or focus on a specific question. Few things fine-tune your intuition quite like the Tarot, and if you practise these methods consistently, your spiritual awareness will surge. But there are good ways to go about it, and not-so-good, so here’s your chance to learn from someone who knows this subject inside out.


Friday, November 12, 2021

10:00am AEDT



Zoom (link sent to participants)



90 Minutes + approx. 30 minutes Q & A



$150 per person
(Note: Each Masterclass is available to a maximum of 10 people.)

Your Guide


Your Guide, Garry Wiseman, has been a full-time practising psychic for 44 years. He has been reading and teaching Tarot throughout, taking his workshops around the country and on 14 overseas tours. On one trip, he presented his Tarot workshop in Honolulu, San Francisco and Seattle. Garry has demonstrated Tarot reading on many of his more than 300 tv appearances (e.g. Kerri-Anne) and in his numerous national magazine columns. He is also known as a pioneer of psychic and New Age events in Australia. He promoted Australia’s first MindBodySpirit Festival (Sydney, 1989), at which he also established the psychic reading room and ran it for the first 12 years. Garry’s experience is vast, and you will find his techniques, shown through practical examples, refreshingly modern and revolutionary. Yet it’s all easy to learn – and fun!

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What We Will Cover

This Masterclass will cover the following topics:

☆ SPREADS that are great to read, particularly Garry’s “High Road Low Road” lay-out, are navigated. Respecting free will, this simple spread is spiritually sound in that it offers choice. It indicates the positive high road to take, bringing the greatest opportunity for success, while warning against the less favourable low road. A variation on the time-honoured Celtic Cross, this spread also features an Outcome card that is read as “the way things are tilting now” (if you take the high road, your odds of success firm up!). This steers your readings away from “nothing can be changed” fortune-telling. True spiritual guidance is far more useful and exciting.

☆ CARD INTERPRETATION TECHNIQUES developed by Garry are very cool. You wouldn’t have previously heard of the “swivel” (rotating the standard interpretation on its axis) and the “boost” (“magnifying” one object in the card to create inspired imagery). Also important are the “flip” (changing polarity) and the “overview” (incorporating fire earth air and water). More standard interpretations are also provided as a base camp.

☆ EXTENDING INTO CLAIRSENTIENCE, CLAIRAUDIENCE AND CLAIRVOYANCE: Lots of practice gets this happening more often, and the “boost” method helps things along. How do you handle such impressions when they start coming through?

☆ TIPS ON PREPARING FOR A READING: How do you choose the right pack for you? Also, what about mindset (perhaps including a light meditation), consistent “study”, building experience, lamp, ornaments and shuffling techniques?

☆ HOW TO CONDUCT YOURSELF IN A READING: If you’re reading for yourself, how do you phrase your enquiries in a way that will be appreciated by your spirit guides? If reading for someone else, how do you respect their karma and free will? Either way, it’s important to show humility, while at the same time having the self-confidence to trust your intuitive perceptions, even if they’re “way out” at times. If you believe in your great inner wisdom, waiting to be tapped, what will happen? Something wonderful…

What to bring with you:
Notepad, pen and water. Also, an enquiring mind and a desire to enhance your spiritual development.


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