Law of Attraction Masterclass


Join Barry Nicolaou as he deconstructs the Law of Attraction for an intimate audience.


Barry welcomes you to learn more about how our most cherished and inherited beliefs and influences of yesterday, continually set up direction and momentum for the reality we live in today. Barry deconstructs the energetic layers beneath joy, visualisation, gratitude, forgiveness, understanding, love, clarity and acceptance as well as fear, toxic people, limited self-belief and negative influences that all continually affect and mould our realities.

Your Guide


Barry is a fierce advocate of understanding the power of subconscious thought and it’s influence on our tangible realities. His ability to unlock and define positive energy, inspiration, purpose, gratitude and drive led him to writing his #1 Best-Selling book: The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfillment. Barry’s national talks, corporate keynote addresses, webinar presentations, and workshops work to deconstruct the untapped power of thought and the science of creative visualisation. He focuses on the understanding of mindset blocks which surround cognitive fear, hard-wired subconscious paradigms, Inherited thinking, and their connection to our realities.

What We Will Cover:

This Masterclass will cover the following topics:

☆ How to identify and know the impact of toxic people

☆ Why we continually receive what we don’t want

☆ How to protect your energy in the face of negativity and doubt

☆ The actions steps to manifest the life you want

☆ Understand what you’re good at and how to energetically let it flow into your reality

☆ Why happiness eludes us more often than we would like to think

What to bring with you:
Notepad, pen and water. Also, a keen desire to learn.