Connecting With Spirit


This introductory Mediumship Masterclass will encourage you to explore your spiritual path of Mediumship and signs from the Spirit World.


This Masterclass will teach you to incorporate the gift of Mediumship into your everyday life. Join us for this simple, fun and exciting Masterclass; a safe & comfortable experience in your own home.


If you’re drawn to working with the Spirit world or have natural mediumship abilities, you’ll learn how to communicate with the Spirit World to receive loving, clear and healing messages in a safe and sacred space.


This 90-minute Masterclass will help a maximum of 10 participants to become more self-aware and self-confident in the intuitive gifts we are all born with.


Sunday, November 14, 2021

10:00am AEDT



Zoom (link sent to participants)



90 Minutes + approx. 30 minutes Q & A



$150 per person
(Note: Each Masterclass is available to a maximum of 10 people.)

Your Guide


Natalee has been reading professionally for over 10 years and is one of our most popular readers at both the in-person MindBodySpirit Festival and the Psychic Reading Zoom Room. Natalee has given thousands of readings and has been teaching classes for 5 years on Psychic, Intuition & Mediumship development, helping people to open up their own unique abilities.

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What We Will Cover

This Masterclass will cover the following topics:

☆ The Foundations of Mediumship –Learn how to communicate and connect with your loved ones in the Spirit World through your own unique intuitive abilities. (Mediumship explained)

☆ Trusting in Spirit – How to let go of fear and doubt to build your Mediumship confidence.

☆ Signs from the Spirit World – Understanding your personal signs from your loved ones in Spirit.

☆ Mediumship meditation – To increase your vibration and connection.

☆ Mediumship exercises – Connect with departed loved ones in Spirit & Mediumship photo readings.

What to bring with you:
An open heart and mind, notepad, pen, water, photo of a departed loved one (if you have one), and a keen desire to learn.


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