Self-Care Tips for each Zodiac Sign

Here are some self-care tips for each zodiac sign.



Aries must move the body with physical activities.

Competitive sports, boot camp, combat sport.

Challenging activities like rock climbing are also good.



Taurus must ground themselves with tangible pursuits like walking in nature or “shinrin-yoku” (Japanese word for ‘tree-bathing’)

Full body massage or yoga is great for Taurus.



Gemini like to keep busy and can multi-task well, therefore interesting hobbies are a must. Puzzles, photography, graphic design.

Magnet therapy for calming the mind and body. Plus breath control exercises. Hand massage.



Cancerian’s need to honour their changing moods by following the cycle of the moon with a moon calendar. Doing something nurturing, that gives them security or a sense of belonging each day.

Essential oil/aromatherapy. Bathing. Cooking. Moon bathing rituals



Leo’s love glamour so lighting beautiful scented candles.

The resplendent feel of a sound or gong bath.

Inner child work can also make Leo’s thrive. It can help a lot with their ego.



For Virgo’s anxiety and worry can be very real – relaxation meditation is vital.

Daily Probiotic. Peppermint tea. Digestion protection.

Homeopathy –  to connect mind and body. It’s good for Virgo to talk about what is going on in their bodies.



Libra is suited to Chakra work; mostly working with the head and heart, and balancing those areas.

Crystal healing  – they are beautiful to look at and very harmonising, which is perfect for Libra.

Art therapy.



For Scorpio, anything that is going to take Scorpio on a deep dive into their emotional depths AND, most importantly, re-emerge empowered and in control.

Reiki. Gestalt therapy. Akashic records.

And just avoid small talk in general!



Sagittarius, horse riding is a fun and active endeavour.

Acupuncture to balance Chi.

Cupping to draw out excess heat.

Fire gazing – fire place in the home or fire pit outside in the garden. Or while camping or adventuring.



Capricorn – Ayurveda medicine is a good alternative and holistic enough to be both spiritual and practical.


Boating or swimming – water that earth!

Aquarius would benefit from something unusual like Tai Chi or Qigong – anything that is going to be relaxing but technical enough that will gauge their interest and utilise their mind.


Volunteering with charities, not-for-profit or social enterprise.



Pisces – Twin Heart (universal) Meditation.

Foot massage/reflexology.

Transcendental meditation – connecting with the astral plane.



These are suggestions only in order to stimulate creativity and ideas around your personal self-care