Gratitude Space

Share what you are grateful for in our Gratitude Space!

The MindBodySpirit Festival is a fantastic space to keep your mind fresh, calm, and full of positive thoughts. The MBS Festival is all about calming energies and we know this is the place where you can truly thrive!


Drop by our Gratitude Space at the Festival, where you can put your positivity and gratefulness out into the universe.


Take a moment to reflect on others’ notes at your leisure, and write down what you are truly grateful for. Remember, there’s always a reason to be thankful ❤️


Add your message to hundreds of others, and stop to read a few other messages of gratitude!

Special Thanks


The MindBodySpirit Festival is grateful to Noomi for providing bean bags, and to Dan Foreman of Danscapes, for providing plants to the Gratitude Space!*


*Provided to the Gratitude Space for our most recent Melbourne Festival from 11 – 13 November, 2022.

Location of the Gratitude Space at the next Festival:

TBC for our 2023 Festivals!