Workplace Wellbeing Institute

Workplace Wellbeing InstituteTM provides individual, team and whole of organisation education, training, consultancy services, program implementation and program supervision in the areas of Workplace Wellbeing Programs, Mindfulness Practices & Techniques and Compassion Based Models of Trauma Resolution.
Workplace Wellbeing InstituteTM will be presenting its premier KICHIDOTM program. KICHIDOTM Practice: is a Compassion Based, Trauma-Sensitive and Mindfulness-Focused slow, rhythmic and integrated breathing, movement and relaxation technique. KICHIDOTM switches on the body’s Relaxation Response through teaching the foundation skills of Being Grounded, Being Centred, Being Present and Conscious use of the Breath. KICHIDOTM Practice: Is suitable for all age groups including school age children and young people, from prep to year 12.

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