Wikan Designs

Wikan Designs is here to tell a story of a phoenix rising from the ashes; a story of beautiful destruction and resurrection.

Every human being goes through painful situations in life, no one is exempt. What we do with the pain we experience is our choice – we either accept it and grow, or we ignore it and we stay the same.

I chose to accept it and grow, and boy, let me tell you – growth is very painful. I struggled a lot; I tried so many different methods to help myself through this time but nothing really did the trick.

I decided to go within and understand the meaning and purpose of my life. I knew that I loved helping other people, but I was in a stage in my life where I couldn’t even help myself – how could I help others? It just wasn’t possible. I needed to fix myself so that I could be of service to others.

I had always had an interest in the spiritual world and I am very connected to Source. I felt a push to create, to express my soul and allow myself to be, exactly as I was. I made my own candles from my own signature wax and scent formulations – I am not ordinary, so why should my products fit into the status quo? I developed products that resonated with my feelings at the time, and I used them as medicine to help me. Wikan Designs was born a year later, in 2018, featuring the very creations that I had developed to help me through my own journey. I want to help others that are struggling mentally, emotionally and spiritually – to help other souls unleash who they truly are.

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