White Sage - Australian Grown & Imported

Golden Seal Herbs & Smudgesticks is an Australian grower of White Sage that is used for smudging. We are proud to have products available at consistently low prices and imported white sage between harvest seasons (December to April).

We also grow North American Medicinal herbs including the rare Golden Seal which is a natural anti-biotic AND anti-viral. It is so amazing that South Carolina University have confirmed it can also be used to combat MRSA (multi-resistant strain of staph).

Also within our product range is the Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh, Bloodroot, Bearberry and the smudging herbs Desert Sage, Dakota Sage, Sweetgrass and White Sage.

Visitors are welcome to visit East Warburton by appointment. The best time to visit for informational talks is October and November with group talks welcomed. Come find out more about us at the Melbourne MindBodySpirit Festival and have a fulfilling day!

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