USANA Active Nutrition (Independent Distributor)

USANA is building on the foundation of research and high-quality manufacturing by partnering with world-renowned nutritionist and gut-health expert, Dr. Megan Rossi to introduce the Active Nutrition product line. Dr. Rossi is an advocate for good food that supports the health of your gut microbiome. Active Nutrition is the perfect nutrient-rich solution to bring you closer to your health and wellness goals. That is why each product in this line is formulated with key ingredients that deliver nutrients design to activate your body.

Active Nutrition will be an integral aspect of the USANA brand, highlighting the importance of specialised macro and micro nutrition programs to support a holistic healthy lifestyles, these new products feature key things consumers expect:
1. Gluten free
2. Non GMO
3. Made with natural ingredients
4. Convenient
5. Low in sugar or no sugar added
6. Manufactured in house

Active Nutrition is currently at pre-launch phase & public available on 16th June 21.

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