Twin Flame Journey to the Heart

When we meet our Twin Flame, an inner knowing throughout the core of our being is felt and activated. At that point of understanding, our true journey to one’s heart begins. Twins merge to self-align, overcoming many challenges, pushing each other to self-growth, either separately or together, from an ancient agreement made between them in previous lives, or when together as one Purple Flame.As a Twin, I guide you in your process.
Appts at Stand D29, book in early online.
Available: D29: Twin Flame 54 Heart card deck,includes 9 Master Twin Flame Heart Keys, & 45 Alignment Keys, also Self Alignment 54 card deck to assist you.

Join us in our Twin Flame Monthly Support Group meetings 7- 8:30pm in Concord & Crows Nest, we look at the process, support each other, heal, and if time permitting,I do mini readings for anyone in need.

To share the journey with other Twins helps you in your own Journey to the Heart and to your Twin, as the intensity and timing is different for every Twin.

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