Tolman Health Coaching

The Eye's Don't Lie, Ask Me Why!

Visit the Tolman Health Coaching stand to book your free 15-minute wellness overview with one of our Certified Coaches who will utilise the Tolman Method, a method based on the extensive research of founder, Tyler Tolman, has undertaken.

This overview will look into your current state of health, physical and emotional, through both eye and face readings.

With specialised cameras and through the practice of Iridology & Sclerology, images will be captured of the Iris and Sclera (the whites of our eyes) which provide a complete story when assessing a client's specific personal health and wellness challenges, along their path to divine health.

Tolman Health Coaches take a holistically based approach to develop real-life strategies to overcome health difficulties and create the clarity and support needed to move forwards towards goals, and to attain those goals.

Tyler passes his years of learnings, teachings, practices & successes onto his Coaches who in turn impart this powerful knowledge with you, these Ancient teachings and health practices that had been long lost to the modern world.

As Tolman Health Coaches...
We are extremely proud of the connections we make with our clients and take pride in the positive assistance we provide along their journey to improving their own lives.

We whole-heartedly believe that things we want to attain and achieve are easier than we are led to believe.

We are here to guide and empower you, to truly HEAL YOURSELF and KNOW THYSELF.

We look forward to seeing you at the Sydney MindBodySpirit Festival where together we can 'Change your health, Change your life!'

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