The Soul of Business

The Soulpreneur's Business Mentorship and Community.

At The Soul of Business, we offer online business guidance for soulpreneurs that will help you impact more people's lives than you thought possible by creating full alignment and connection between your soul gifts and the business parts of your craft.

Come join us in our supportive, safe community of soulpreneurs just like you, and explore the emotional, mental, tactical and practical elements of the business. At the Soul of Business, we believe success comes first from a deep connection to our craft, and second from applying sound business habits and mindset that 100% align with the vision and essence of what we are about.

In combining connection and alignment with business to our craft, we see we can impact so many more people than we currently are, and through this impact, we can change the world. So come and visit us at the Sydney MindBodySpirit Festival!

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We will give one scholarship away each day for The Soul of Business Seeker business training. This will access to the online business training and 3 months access to The Soul of Business Community.

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  • You must be a soulpreneur, trying to build your craft into a business. You are open and hungry to learning more about business in a way that will keep you aligned with the impact you want to leave. This is limited to one scholarship per business.

Special - SAVE 20%

All guests at the Mind Body Spirit festival will be able to take advantage of 20% off the Seeker Business Training at the Soul of Business when visiting us.

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