The Qi Centre

The Qi Centre is an oasis of tranquility, harmony and vitality in busy Crows Nest. We are just a few minutes away from St Leonards train station and the buses on Willoughby Road.

In this uplifting environment, we can help you achieve good health and relaxation using an ancient Eastern healing art.

We use up a lot of our energy in daily life and do not always "recharge" and recover fast enough. This ancient healing art gives us new ways to help you work with your own inner resources, boosting your capacity to stay focus, motivated, happier by increasing your level of vital energy.

Vital energy is the life force we are born with and due to the fast pace of modern life, we are simply exhausting our existing supply very fast. At the Qi Centre, we help you to recharge with vital energy.

We offer Qi (vital energy) treatments and Qi classes to help you create well being, increase your energy levels, improve your health and happiness.

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