Spice Zen

Hello! We’re Preeti and Aditya and together we make up Spice Zen. Using certified organic ingredients, we produce a range of herbs, spice blends, teas and juices. Our practice pays homage to the ancient cultural practice of Ayurveda and marries it with modern science.

Our journey began when Preeti was diagnosed with coeliac disease and multiple allergies. Unable to find answers in western medicine, she turned to her Indian heritage. Unfortunately, she discovered that few brands manufactured herbal products suitable to her health standards.

On a mission to provide clean, nutritious and tasty spices to Australians, Preeti and her husband Aditya quit their flashy corporate jobs in the pursuit of something more. And thus, Spice Zen was born.

Everything we do is at the service of our mission – from our light-blocked packaging, to how we hand-roast and stone grind our spices to preserve their micronutrients whilst never compromising on flavour.

We hope we get to share more of our journey with you at our stall.

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