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Cooking authentic and delicious Indian food at home can be a daunting task. Hard to find ingredients, complicated recipes and instructions that never work out quite right. You can never get that perfect balance of flavours, even with store bought jars and pastes.

Spicecraft Gourmet Meal Kits make it easy to cook a delicious, restaurant quality meal from scratch.

The beautifully presented kits come with the original recipe from the restaurant that invented Butter Chicken along with finest quality ingredients pre-portioned for convenience. Foodies and home cooks can create a complete meal of Butter Chicken, saffron rice and a refreshing mango lassi.

The luxe pink and gold textured kits are sure to impress the most discerning lovers of Indian cooking.

All ingredients are sourced from the best growing regions around the world. Whole spices are carefully crushed and blended into spice mixes that are filled into fresh seal sachets at a HACCAP certified packing facility in Sydney.

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