Solomons Gold

Solomons Gold produce their premium vegan certified chocolate out of their chocolate facility in New Zealand, using the finest quality single-origin cacao beans that they source direct from the pristine Solomon Islands.
All Solomons Gold chocolate is 'Free-From' dairy, gluten, nuts & soy (allergen free) as well as being organic, non-gmo and also Paleo friendly.
They make their single-origin chocolate from bean to bar using A-grade cacao beans, and their processes and ingredients are all 100% natural and chemical free.
Solomons Gold is an Australian family owned cacao social enterprise.
The team at Solomons Gold have been working hand in hand with over 100 cacao growing communities in the Solomon Islands for well over a decade. As a cacao social enterprise, they provide support to enable their growers to improve not only the quality of their cacao beans, but their quality of life.

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