Shiny Storm

The beginnings of Shiny Storm can be found 30 years ago in South America. As a little girl growing up in a magical place in the south of Brazil, Shiny Storm’s co-founder Ana Paula spent her childhood surrounded by crystals which would, quite simply, find her.

Living in Australia, Ana Paula noticed that crystals began to show up in her life just as she needed them, guiding her toward self-love and support, especially during particularly challenging times of emotional stress, such as financial instability, her health and even finding her feet in a new country. Once again, as in childhood, she turned to crystals to give her comfort and courage, realizing that here was the answer not just for her own questions, but for those of others as well.

Starting with a very small selection, Ana Paula began offering crystals at her local market on the Sunshine Coast. She desperately wanted to help others on their own journey to better health by offering affordable crystals and well-informed advice. Ana Paula’s enthusiasm, knowledge and caring nature quickly attracted a large following and she found people were open to the healing crystals could provide. In that moment, she realized she had the power to bring nourishing natural energy to hundreds of people- not just one at a time- and in an accessible and reasonably priced way. In November 2017, Shiny Storm, was born and Ana Paula realized her true purpose: To create an easy and open connection between those seeking greater health and happiness and her powerful, healing crystals.

Shiny Storm will be joining us at the Brisbane MindBodySpirit Festival!

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