Sharon Sees - Psychic Medium

Sharon Watkins is a Clairvoyant, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Oracle/Tarot Card Reader.

Mediumship Readings
Sharon has been connected with Spirit from her early Childhood.
She will connect with your Love Ones in Spirit and bring through Evidence and Messages for you. Connecting with Loved Ones can assist in giving you Validation and assist in releasing any Burdens or Guilt that you may carry. It is such a Liberating Feeling to release any Limiting Beliefs which can hold you back in life. It is also a Wonderful Feeling to know your Loved Ones are Ok.

Sharon will focus on your Auric Field. Within your Auric Field lies the Blueprint of your Life Story, your Past, Present and Future.
This Guidance will assist in giving you Clarity and Confidence to move forward in your Life.

Sharons Mission is to Bring Healing to Every Reading.

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