Shamanic Earth Medicine

Shamanic Earth Medicine is a collective of Peter Bowden’s life service. Peter has spent the last 30 years sharing the teachings, stories and healings of shamanic teachers, elders and wisdom keepers from around the world. Peter started the journey for his own personal healing and has received the blessings of the very gifts he shares today internationally.

The 'Earth Medicine Shop' is a result of people seeking medicine tools to enhance their Shamanic practises. The shop supplies locally sourced, where possible, and hand crafted products such as a variety of smudge sticks, herbs, paulo santo, mapacho medicine drums, raw hide rattles, smudging fans and medicine drum bags. We also stock Pure Heart Alchemy mists. We are in the process of an exciting expansion and will continue to add to our product lines to include all things for the modern day earth-based medicine practitioners and enthusiasts.
Shamanic Earth Medicine has been a foundation for a number of years and offers Shamanic Education and training. This is where you can 'Learn' from Peter. This includes a self-mastery program which is a year long program, a comprehensive program offering training for those who are looking to become shamanic practitioners. This includes online modules and face to face embodiment retreats. The upcoming online academy is for lay persons who are curious about specific topics and areas of Shamanic practice. Lastly, the mentoring program, is similar to online academy, but with focused topics of interest explored in a mentoring format.
Shamanic Earth Medicine also offers ceremonies and retreats where you can 'Sit' with Peter. Here Peter holds sacred space for you to gain the benefit of the wisdom that has been handed down to him by his elders and teachers for embodiment, personal healing and self-discovery. 'Receive' from Peter in Private sessions, where you can work individually to enhance your personal healing.
Peter and the Shamanic Earth Medicine team look forward to meeting and sharing with you through any of these educational programmes, ceremonial offerings or the Earth Medicine Shop. Please feel free to sign-up to our mailing lists and our monthly newsletter to keep you up to date with our retreat schedules, new products and to see when Peter is going to be near you. We also include articles and relevant information that can enhance your earth-based medicine practise at home. The team look forward to hearing and connecting with you.

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