Rosie Banyan By Rochelle

When Rochelle sat in the Banyan Tree back in 2013, she was connected to something more than herself, something much bigger.
Women around the world are standing in their own truth and power, supporting each other and sharing their potential, and it's time we all do the same.
By purchasing any of the Rosie Banyan by Rochelle products (Banyan Tree guidance cards / ‘Banyan Tree Wisdom’ book / ‘Meeting Rosie Banyan’ book / Banyan Tree alchemy oils) you are holding hands with ‘Solutions’ and with a greater purpose. Proceeds from all direct sales and royalties goes to funding worthwhile causes across the globe.
Such ‘Solutions’ include partnering with The Hunger Project to mentor and support women in hunger stricken Senegal, Africa to unlock their capacity, creativity and leadership - so they can end their own hunger.
‘Solutions’ is a cause dedicated to lifting others up, a cause supporting people to do incredible things.
Learn more about current and past ‘Solutions’ projects:

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