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International Psychic Medium.

Rhonda’s Readings by Rhonda Kelly - be the best version of you. Hailing from Melbourne, Rhonda is an experienced reader, as seen on Psychic TV, heard on radio and featured in magazines. Rhonda is the Executive Secretary of the Australian Spiritual Alliance (ASA) and Editor of the Spiritual Voice magazine for the ASA.

Rhonda provides clarity, direction, and guidance to empower you. Connection with passed loved ones, including pets. Rhonda is an animal communicator.

Medical intuitive, dream interpreter, jewellery & photo readings, finding lost objects. past lives & soul purpose. Family, love, career, personal or business readings.

Also learn how to connect with your own spirit guides and start your own journey of psychic development.

Please be aware of similar named websites and social media, trying to solicit business away from me. I do not send Facebook friend requests, nor do I ask for bank or personal information. Look for my photo and rainbow angel wings, to ensure it is me, Rhonda Kelly.

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The best way to book a reading with me and refer me to friends, is by phone/text 0435 200 390.

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