Reflexology Association of Australia Limited

The Reflexology Association of Australia is an independent, non-profit organisation and is not affiliated with any educational institution. It is managed by a National Board of Directors and has branch committees in each State. All positions are honorary.
The Reflexology Association of Australia has been in existence since 1989, when it was first incorporated in Victoria and subsequently in all other states. As a National body, Reflexology Association of Australia Limited was registered in July 2002 to further the aims and objectives of the Association, namely:
• To develop and promote an awareness and understanding of reflexology within the Australian community
• To represent the interests of the reflexology profession within the public and political arena
• To establish and maintain uniformity and high standards of training within Australia
• To maintain a high level of professional practice
• To serve and protect the needs of all members within the national structure
• To act as a central information and resource body for all members
• To act as an advisory body within the jurisdiction of the national body
• To promote co-operation with international reflexology bodies
• To establish and maintain relevant national databases of practitioners
• To provide ongoing professional development for members and a supportive network for reflexologists
• To promote research and development which support reflexology

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