Rainbow Family

Naturopath mother and daughter team Omanisa and Mikiah Storm come from a long line of artists and healers. They specialise in colour therapy, story-telling, visionary art, and energy work. They love creating therapeutic, enlightening “sacred play” resources including Aura Cards, oracle decks, wearable art therapy, and herbal chakra tonics.

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Special - Win a Spirit Guide Portrait and reading!

To be in the draw to have Omanisa tune in to one of your spirit guides, sketch them for you, and tell you who they are and what they're helping you with, enrol in one of Omanisa's "Spirit Medicine with Om" courses.

Special ends



  • Adults only. Digital image of sketch delivered via email, hard copy posted via mail. Reading can be written, recorded as audio or done with you via Zoom (30min). Om maintains copyright on images and reserves the right to use artworks in her card and book sets and for promotion of services.
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