Phoenix Holistic Healing Solutions

Elevate your festival experience with Phoenix Holistic Healing Solutions! Our person-centred, solution-focused approach blends mindfulness with mind-body-spirit harmony. Discover the transformative power of 30-minute Reiki and Crystal Singing Pyramid sessions, which will rejuvenate your essence. Embrace holistic wellness and embark on a journey of inner growth with us.

In addition, we will have some amazing products for sale, including crystal sound singing pyramids and crystal tuning forks, Moldavite oil, room spray, and incense sticks. You can also find assorted water bottles with crystals.

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Special - Special - SAVE $65

If you are feeling low on energy, directionless, or in need of clarity and balance, a 30-minute session that incorporates 10 minutes of crystal singing pyramid sound therapy and 20 minutes of Reiki can provide you with the healing, upliftment, and guidance that you require.

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