Pause and Smell the Lavender

Pause and Smell the Lavender® understands at times us women need to reset when feeling overwhelmed and out of balance whether it be due to work demands, life’s stress in general or changes in stage of life. My natural and functional health and wellness coaching will have you feeling like you again and in total control of your life and health.

Wellness Coaching is offered-
1:1 basis, this may be Wellness in General or Peri-Post Menopause
Group Workshops for keeping communities, colleagues, and peers healthy and connected
Executive Intensive Coaching.

Life can at times be demanding, and as good as challenges are for us, it is essential we take the time out for ourselves to relax and restore. I play with the esoteric and enjoy connecting with energy. I offer Tarot, Reiki and Herbal Spritz Support to women open to these to reclaim their own inner joy and peace.

Coaching is offered face to face, phone or via zoom

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