Orgone Effects Australia

Orgone Effects Australia is a manufacturer of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) harmonizing products for home, mobile phones and personal EMF protection. Our products seek to neutralize the harmful effects of all forms of noxious energy emissions. We are Melbourne-based and proud to be Australia’s sole manufacturer of the Orgonium® range of EMR harmonizing products. Our products use charge frequencies to help counteract the harmful components of the electromagnetic field that are found within all Australian homes.
All our products have been thoroughly tested to ensure their effectiveness including placebo. We are proud that our products are recommended and distributed worldwide by accredited health professionals.

Within our range of products, we have been sure to include everyday, easy-to-use applications such as our Mobile Phone and Wifi Radiation Harmonizer which simply sticks onto the back of your phone. Other products include the Ener-band, Ener bear and Ener-yoga mat patch. These items are often used when calming and grounding are required. These all emit a negative charge around your body to help neutralize the positive charge energy influences that can be harmful to your body. Ensuring you have the best sleep or meditation!

We hope you will come and visit our stall at the Sydney MindBodySpirit Festival and find out more for yourself from our friendly staff.

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