Neshamah Shines

Roseanne is a mixed media abstract artist producing distinct art pieces that impact the collective consciousness. Simply take the time with each piece and see what you can see. What resonates with you and which ones call to you?

It is fun to relax and allow your mind to take a creative journey.

Play with it, enjoy it and explore!

The handcrafted paintings are individually hand embellished and signed. Based on Roseannes' original artworks, the individual, limited edition pieces are produced on cotton rag to archival standards. This allows for a choice in the size of the handcrafted painting to fit the space in your home :)

The original purchase provides the opportunity to name the acquired work. A certificate of authenticity will also be provided.

These quality handcrafted art works invite discussion.

Neshamah Shines will be joining us at the Brisbane MindBodySpirit Festival!

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