Naked Soul

Step into your comfort zone with Naked Soul yoga mats and accessories. We strive for greatness in Health, Wellness, Lifestyle & Sustainability. Our yoga mats consist of cork & natural rubber and are uniquely designed to be 100% plastic and toxin-free with enhanced grip capabilities.

We are extremely passionate about not only yoga but the environment and rainforests. We understand that rainforests like the Amazon are the heartbeat for our beautiful planet and life on it. That is why we strive for sustainability and put our money where our mouth is. For every mat purchased we donate a percentage of our profits to charity which helps preserve 1/2 an acre of Rainforest. We also use a 100% carbon-neutral delivery service. We are proud to be an ethical company and trying to help create change.

The products we provide include yoga mats, yoga blocks, and copper water bottles. We love the benefits that yoga provides, particularly for your mental wellbeing. Come visit us at the Sydney MindBodySpirit Festival to find our more about our great products or to talk all things Yoga, we look forward to seeing you there.

Don't be average, be elite! We are excited to be at the MindBodySpirit Festival in Sydney and hope to see you there!

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For the duration of the expo we are dropping the price of our yoga mats to $95 from $119

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