My Wellbeing School

My Wellbeing School is a safe place for children to explore what it means to be well. The school provides wellbeing resources through a sustainable and integrative approach for children. Our mission is to help today's children build inner resilience and self-confidence. Some of the life-long messages vital for every child are that you are loved, you are enough and it’s OK if you’re not OK. Through our resources and journal, we provide children with the skills to manage and adapt to an ever-changing and challenging world. It is not just children that need support, however, parents and family also need support. Our books can help your family open important conversations, bring you together & closer and give strategies to manage big emotions like anger and anxiety.

We are excited to share our resources and the benefits of providing well-being to our children at the Sydney MindBodySpirit Festival. Feel free to visit our store and find out more!

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